GPT (Get Paid To) sites are a little different from the regular PTC sites in that they offer much more than just 'Click on ads and get paid' experience.

GPT sites encourage the members to surf the net using their toolbars, play games, complete offers, do small tasks, shop, network and a lot more activities, in addition to regular PTC tasks.  So, a member does everything he/she is otherwise doing on the net, PLUS he/she gets paid to do the same!

I'm listing below MY PICKS of GPT sites.  I'd ideally recommend using TOP 2-4(max), which pay well and have a multitude of activities and concentrate on increasing influence in them (through activity and referrals) rather than subscribing to a random list of 20 such sites which may have many low or non-performing sites.

PLEASE NOTE : The criteria for choosing these sites remain the same as others :  Longetivity (duration of existence), Reviews and feedbacks, Payment proofs, Ease of completing tasks and offers, Rates of payment, Volume and Frequency of offers AND last but not the least, International applicability.  In order to bring you the very best, we have included here ONLY those sites which accept at least most of the countries internationally.

Go ahead, Get paid to enjoy yourself, and be rest assured that ONLY THE VERY BEST have been suggested to you!



 MatrixMails - Get paid



Cash Lagoon


 Another Free




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