There are some very good sites which  are not really PTC sites per se, but which pay to their members to just use their sites as  forums to network and discuss any issue under the sun.


Mylot is a personal favorite!  It's a place where you get paid to do what one has been doing without any monetary benefits for years on the internet : participate in discussions!  For ex: you post a query regarding a PTC whether it is a scam or not, and you get paid for asking this!

A TIP FOR MYLOT SUCCESS : Take the TOS (Terms Of Service) seriously and post your responses as descriptively as possible.  Quality and length of responses are the keys to earning nicely at MYLOT.  FREE to join and nothing to pay ever!


Peoplestring is a phenomenon in making, very much like the Facebook phenomenon.  Here one uses the site almost like one would use facebook, but with the added attraction of being paid for it!.  So, you get credit for doing your shopping from here, playing games, checking your emails (!!), and other similar stuff!  The owners claim to distribute 70% of the ad revenue proportionately to the members in the ratio in which they earn People Points (PP).

About the legitimacy of the site, well, the owner has featured on NBC, so safe to assume that you would do just fine here!  FREE to join  and nothing to pay ever!  



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