PTC (Paid To Click)  is one of the most popular ways of making money online

WHAT DO YOU DO : Here a member makes money while surfing the net/viewing specific websites put up by the PTC site for a certain time, typically 30 or 60 seconds, after which the account is credited with the amount promised to view the site.

HOW MUCH: On an average, $0.001, $0.01, $0.02 is the typical rate which is paid for view ONE site for 30/60 seconds.

STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS : PTC sites' payment structure relies quite heavily on referrals, going as deep as 10 levels (typically 3-6 levels) in case of some sites.  So, do plan to focus there, if you want to make good money.

DOING THE MATHS: As you can work out, as a free member, you would probably get 4-6 ads per day to click on.  Taking a rate of $0.01 per ad (which is a HIGH rate for a genuine site), that would amount to something between $ 1.2 to $1.8 PER MONTH!!  Even with referrals et al, I don't think it would be wise to depend on PTC sites as a main income stream for your work at home options.

MY SPECIAL TIP:  Don't let the low payouts and a miniscule number of ads as a free member discourage you.  I know of someone who has managed to constantly earn $300/- pm just from PTC sites.  But he is a member of over 30 PTC sites(!!) and works on them 3-4 hrs a day, every day.  If you feel that this is your calling in life, by all means, go all out with PTC!  The point is, it CAN be done. 

  • BEWARE :  Especially BEWARE of the sites promising $1 or $10 (!!) rates PER AD viewed.  THEY ARE NOTHING BUT SCAMS!!!! 

    So, go ahead.....Browse through my site and be comfortable in the knowledge that I've listed ONLY THE VERY BEST!!


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